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My new favorite fashion blogger is Maja Wyh. She is a new fresh voice to the fashion industry.

Check out her site

-Sigga Stefanía

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Hello World!

Lost in wonderland is a series of my old photography work. It was taken in a forest in Iceland called Heiðmörk. My concept about the series was little girl lost in a wonderland. Here are few of the outtakes from the photo shot.

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Hello World!

I have been doing a lot of research for a new concept for a photo shot. Therefore I have been looking at works of some of my ultimate favorite photographers. One of them is Jan Welters. I love Welters use of technic and how he captures the raw, dark and mystery in his work.

Jan Welters is born and raised in the Netherlands. Where he began his photographic career in Amsterdam. His main focus is on fashion photography. Welters work has appeared in Paris, German and American editions of Vogue, D la Repubblica, British Elle and many more. He has also done campaigns for Mango, Nina Ricci and Jil Sanders.

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Korina Emmerich

Hello World

Few days ago when I was sick and watching the television like most people do when they are sick. I came across Project Runway season 13, where I saw a standout new designer, her name is Korina Emmerich.

Korina is born and rised in Pacific Northwest to American Indian and English parents. Since 2009 she has been developing her signature collection called Emmerich NY. Her Designs are different and breath of fresh air. Where you can see that she is inspired by her American Indian heritage, and brings that inspiration out in her design. Korina is definitely a designer to watch out for.

-Sigga Stefanía

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Hello world!
I decided to make a Fashion/design/art blog, after a longtime thinking about it, so why not! I have been searching for inspiration for my next photo shot and did a little research on well known photographers and found Annie Leibovitz and her older photos. I was amazed by her older work. Like most of you know, Annie Leibovitz is an american portrait photographer. Throughout her career she has been chief photographer for the magazine Rolling Stone, and also taken many photos for both fashion magazine like Vanity Fair and portraits of celebrities. Here are some of her earlier work that inspired me.
-Sigga Stefania

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